What a difficlt thing is that to grow a own good culture in each country.Even on the country holding a long history,it sometimes happen that their tradition suddenly stopped. Some of those could not help with the meteorological reason or the giographical reason,Hoewver,the most tragic reason is the war,and poverty.The beautiful historical structures are destroyed,people sell the ouw lands or own national treasures to the another countries,ingratiate themselves with a rising nations for only a few dacade's welfare.

What is the true happiness for us? It is a time to consider this theme more seriously.
After all,this must be a good way that we cultivate lands and gain the food from there, thank to the great oceans on all sides and make a good catch.We must live in our own way and appreciate for our nature. In these ways,it must bring us the eternal rich foundation to proud of.
On this secure base,we could grow more of our own culture.Music, arts,whatever.People could express everything with the beautiful impressions in our peaceful country.
Wishing to have the eternal cultural land with beauty,joy, and want to live and enjoy like every alleys will be full of music.