Every year, we got "cultural day"as one of the national holiday on Nov.3rd.
Here in our town Shuri, "Shuri Cultural Festival" is held through the day. This festival is the most famous cultural event in Okinawa.
The parade at the main street is wonderful. Old Ryukyuan King and Queen,and others with beautiful costumes are on the parade starts from Shuri castle.
Traditional "hatagashira" ,"eisa-dance", and many other kind of atractions are appeared.
Especially, the 400 years traditional "shishimai(shishi-dog dancing)" from Tera-cho is the highlight of the parade.
My children also act as the "shishi-dog" actually.
In fact, thousands of people are fascinated with those performances every time.

Truly, I am very proud of our town and culture (and my kids!).

Kyoko Nakamoto