Star light town
F3号 50cm×25cm

The Star Light Town
acrylic on canvas
50cm×25cm(private collection)
Typical images of Okinawa-Everlasting summer,Lot of Sunshines,Warm and good weather,Blue oceans..However the Winters in Okinawa is not so easy.Temperatures are low at 10-15℃ and get windy or stormy from the ocean.Too much rains,No sun shine..These factors are sometimes depressing the visitors from outside.These problems are constantly disccussed at the prefectural side for a long term.But I know many people from outside who are so nicely planed their own travel.They know what they want and have their own comfortable place to stay,have the local people they want to see..Plus they also meet the new things they expect on every their trip.
We should understand what the real adventurous things are.We should keep and well-maintain the Old towns instead of destroying them.