Kyoko Nakamoto Gallery  2018/ 05/1
Dear Customers,
Happy Golden Week! Time flies quickly! It's already May. I hope all of you are enjoying the early summer season!
I have an annoucement that Kyoko Nakamoto Gallery will close for holidays during May 1st to 20th. Contacting via E-mail or FB page is available. Thank you so much for cooperation. I will be back at the Marine Gift Shop on June 5,7,8 and 9. Looking forward to see you soon!

Kyoko Nakamoto
May 2018
HAPPY GOLDEN WEEK!! いつもご愛顧ありがとうございます。早くも5月。皆様お元気でお過ごしのことと存じます。今年は12月にリウボウ美術サロン個展を予定しています。楽しい作品を展示できるよう励みたいと思います。
2018年 5月
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Welcome! "Kyoko Nakamoto Gallery" is presented by Okinawa based Artist, Kyoko Nakamoto.