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★We will be closed during the Artshows or Exhibitions period outside of Kyoko Nakamoto Gallery.
Thanks for the cooperation.
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A Happy New Year!
Wishing everyone a very joyful, prosperous year of 2024!!
I’d like to continue creating the arts in full swing for this year. Looking forward to seeing many people through my studio gallery, Giftshop Shows and the exhibitions! Blessings to you all!!
Kyoko Nakamoto

KYOKOART 2024 Calendar     e-mail 
KYOKOART 2024 Calendar is available at the Kyoko Nakamoto Gallery, The Marine Gift Shop (Foster) and The Fleet Gift Shop (Shields). Online order is also available at Kyoko Nakamoto Gallery. To place the order, just give us e-mail or message to via the gallery FB page or Instagram. Size is about 28px22p(11"x8.5"), Price is $20. Overseas shipping available.
Hi everyone!
It's getting cooler even in this sub-tropical island of Okinawa.
My newest print "barchetta meeting" is already a huge hit! Thanks to the people enjoying my arts.
Kyoko Nakamoto Gallery is open by appointment. Please feel free to contact with us anytime.
Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season!!
Kyoko Nakamoto
KYOKO NAKAMOTO  Giftshop Art Show Schedule 2023
The Marine Gift Shop
 Please check the Kyoko Nakamoto Gallery FB page & Instagram.
The Fleet Gift Shop
 Please check the Kyoko Nakamoto Gallery FB page & Instagram.

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      Paradise Series Print
R313 (new)
The Cotswolds
Garden and Hills
Shipping Method & Rates unframed Fine-art-printL $54 image size
Fine-art-printS $27 image size

Pay With:
For ordering, please give us e-mail and let us know the print No., size, the number of the prints, your name, adress and postal code, phone No..
After we receive your ordering by e-mail, we will contact with you and start PayPal billing system.
Prints will be shipped to you after we confirm your payment.
Thank you very much for your interest. We wish you enjoy the prints!
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   ▼ Sumi-Drawing

Here's the Sumi-Drawing catalog for semi-custom-made ordering. Each drawing comes with off-white matting and dark brown wooden frame. Please choose the numbers on each categolies and let us know. Kyoko will make the similar drawing. Most of them are Small sized drawings.
Frame size Small 27p×22p /$110〜
Frame size Large 44p×36p /$250〜
*Currently, the Kakejiku (screen roll) is not available.
If you have any question, please give us message.
   ▼ Giclee Print (NEW)
The Giclee Prints version of “Shuri Castle” & “Shurei Mon” are released. It’s high quality digital print using the archival ink on velvet fine paper. Edition numbered, signed. 30,000yen with dark brown wood frame.Frame Size:52.5p×41p.

If you have any question, please give us message.
   ▼ Available Paradise Series Original Painting

Here's the list of the original acrylic paintings available to purchase at present. 
Price range: \140.000-\350.000(with frame). Please feel free for inquiries regarding framing, shipping cost, anything else.

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